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Tried and tested routines

Training hard

  • The routines currently in place were tested out over the winter months in all sorts of weather conditions so I had a good idea on what I was looking for in the workouts with regards to the bodys response. I wanted something different to the normal bootcamp out there, i.e running around in a circle to different cones to perform certain exercises for 60 minutes. I believe in training hard but keeping it enjoyable, after all, much like a diet, if you don't enjoy yourself your likely to quit before you see progress. I have come up with routines that comprise of 4 parts ; shuttles, Abs/core, high intensity and endurance, some of the sessions now have 2 or 3 of these parts in for a harder body workout.

    I have recently tried out something new to Bodyendurance!! Speed/time trials sessions with a twist, it's not just running from A to B, it's hard to give any more information but come down and find out how we can help you. From the training sessions so far the results are looking really good, it's a great way of pushing yourself mentally and physically harder without any of the drill sargeant style shouting. When you train with Bodyendurance you will see the results from your hard work, you will chase your best times pushing yourself to want to beat them every time. Each session is slightly different whether it's a change of layout or if I've simply added some new exercises into the mix to keep it fresh, this is a great way for speeding fat loss and building muscles, tricking the body so it never gets use to the same workout.

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