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Membership, why join?

  • Lose weight and tone up your Body
  • Gain confidence in how you look
  • Enjoy meeting people aiming for the same target/goals
  • Become fitter/ stronger to participate in future races/ events
  • Have fun while working out in a great environment
  • To have a hour to yourself , burn some frustration out of your bodies
  • Affordable prices to suit everybody
  • 3 training session per week so No Excuse not to train

What are you waiting for!


  • A

    £6 per session turn up and train on the day

    If you have loads of commitment with family and work then this is a great price for a one off session knowing that you will get an all over body workout when you turn up, and feel genuinely pushed to your limits when you leave. The routines don't change for the different payment options.
  • B

    For extra discount block book using the loyaty cards £5 per session

    Loyalty cards are a great way of banking the session and getting a discount at the same time. If you have a few more hours spare through out the week then this option is designed for you. With these extra session your fitness will improve 100%, there is no expiry date with the loyalty card so use when it suits you.