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We train 5 times a week........

Monday morning

Monday's session takes place at marford playing fields, we meet at 9.20 down by the green bridge at the river, and ready to start for 9.30 until 10.30am, please make sure you have a drink with for the session.

Also you can still park at Marford hall car park it just a longer walk to the area where we train

Tuesday evening

This is the newest session to be added to the list so far, we train at longacres openspace in st.albans from 6.30-7.30pm throughout the summer months and hopefully continuing over the winter months if we get enough people to hire a hall. Can we turn up 5 minutes before this way we can start on time.

Wednesday morning.

For this workout we have Sandridge football club hall, this way we have the option to train in/outdoors depending on the weather,it's best to get there for 9.15-9.20 so we can start for 9.30am. Drinks are a must so don't forget it!!!!

Friday evening.

Ive added another indoor session to the growing list of training times available to you all, this one is held at redbourn village hall every friday from 6.30-7.30pm, the carpark is small but there is plenty of room on the highstreet, you will need an exercise mat for protection when we work on the core/abs on the floor. We start on time so please get there 5 minutes before .

Saturday morning....

For the weekend warrior , we have our training session at nomansland common from 9.30-10.30am, we all meet in the main carpark around 9.20 so we can start on time. This session various from week to week as we can use the hills/slopes for speed and endurance work to mix into the routines.

Summer Training

A pair of trainers with good support to protect your feet and knee / hip joints from all the exercises we do. Shorts, t-shirt or vest for those hot days. Hat or cap for people with fair hair or like me not much hair. Water bottle or two for every session is a must in the hot weather.

Winter Training

Old pair of trainers with good support or a pair of football boots as we train outside all year round. Long pair of joggers or running tights, leggings, lightweight waterproof / windproof jacket, and of course hat and gloves for those really cold days! I would suggest a change of clothes in the the car. Clean, spare socks or a change of footwear to drive home in. Water bottle to rehydrate during the workout.

Fuelling your workout

On the morning before your training session make sure you have had breakfast at least 2hrs beforehand, I normally have porridge, a banana or wheatabix or wholemeal toast. Ideally what your after is some good wholesome complex carbs ( slow release energy), this will help get you going and ready to power your way through your session. It's also just as important to refuel after the training session as well as beforehand, a good balance of protein/ carbs will help your recovery and growth. I always have a protein shake within 20 minutes of my workout, the window after your session is a key time to hit the body and give it what it requires. Always drink plenty of water before, during and after the session, this will rehydrate you after the exercise and throughout the day which I have found helps me stop cramping. Just because you have completed a training session this doesn't give you a green light for an eat what you want day, this will have a negative effort on all your hard work. Remember eat healthily and exercise and you will change your body shape/size and give you the confidence on how you look in the miror.

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