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About me

My name's Rob and I'm a long distance endurance runner. I've run from London to Dover, run the London Marathon, endured runs covering 100 miles and best of all I am still learning from every endurance event and training session. I'm always on the lookout for events and experiences to push me to my limits physically and mentally challenge me to keep me coming back for more. I enjoy keeping fit and want you to enjoy keeping fit to. As my passion for running has grown so has my training routine so I decided to start a Bootcamp where I run training sessions for people who are serious about keeping in shape without the drill sergeant shouting in their ear.

Favourite Races

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    Enduroman 100 mile Ultra Marathon

    My toughest race so far!! It's a non stop race comprising of 91 laps of a course which can only be described as madness. Physically and mentally this one pushed me over the edge, ready to give up after 60 miles I had some great encouragement from a friend Dave Kershaw and he helped push me on to come second in 22hrs 20m.
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    Gobeyond ultra : Country to capital 45 mile ultra

    My first Race over the 26.2 mile Marathon distance, love this one. I've run it twice now with my good friend Paul Parrish. Coffee and Bacon rolls at the pub before we start the 45 mile Journey through the hills of the wendover country side and then on to the tow paths of the Grand union canal. It Finishes at little Venice in London a mile walk from Paddington station. Just amazing.
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    London Marathon 2014

    One of the most, if not the most famous marathons in the world with a ballot place system to get in! A flat course to run but with the other 35,000 plus runners it was tough not having much room to move about or keep a steady pace. You get to run past all the famous landmarks unless your like me, head down chasing a new personal best! This was the year Mo Farrah completed the full distance and I did see him going in the opposite direction hearing massive cheers pushing him on towards the finish line. A must race for any serious runner.

Training the gang


I decided to join body Endurance because I wanted to improve my fitness and lose more weight. Since becoming a member in October body Endurance has helped me to lose nearly a stone in weight and I have started to tone up very nicely. I am very happy with my results so far, I actually have visable abs which is amazing!! I like the fact that body Endurance Is always a different routine. I have given Rob a few challenges with results I want and target dates I need to meet. I have also recently given up smoking which has added to the challenges I have set myself, not only am I finding it very hard I also had concerns about what affect this would have on achieving my targets, after speaking to Rob about my concerns he has tweaked the routines and pushes me that bit harder so my targets are still on track. All I can say is that Rob has been brilliant in pushing me in the right direction to achieving my results so far. I have found the experience of joining body Endurance brilliant, very friendly and great fun it has given me confidence to feel better about my body and myself, My fitness level has improved so much, I would definitely recommend body Endurance to anyone who wants to get fit and have fun!!


I attended Robs Body Endurance classes and I thought they were brilliant. I found the routines challenging and they need to be to get results. Every week Rob changes things so the workout is never the same and you never know what to expect. Rob is really encouraging and will push you to get the most out of the workout and adapts routines and exercises to suit all abilities, I had a problem with my knee and Rob happily gave me alternative exercises. Rob always asks what we thought of the routines and how efficient we found them and always gives great advice and is always willing to answer any questions.


I thoroughly enjoyed body endurance. Rob was very encouraging and motivating when it came to pushing myself further to get better results. He would always change the routines slightly so we got the best out of all exercises. After every session Rob would ask if anything was too easy or if we thought anything could be improved upon. Thanks :)


I had been considering using the gym like most people after over eating after Christmas period but every time I got near the gym front door I freeze knowing full well that I wouldn't enjoy the experience. My friend introduced me to Endurance Fitness. We " a group of people" meet up with a personal trainer "Rob" who really puts us through our paces for a whole hour. The fitness routine isn't a routine as it changes each week so just never know what surprises are in store, which is why I have kept up the commitment and attend each week and which is why we have so much fun and I cant wait to go each week. Just a word or warning "DONT CHEAT" an exercise as you will pay the price and believe me its not nice! Give it a try and I'm sure you will love it as much as I do

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